Saturday, February 16, 2008

I've been tagged...

Tammy has asked that I give a response to this blog post. I appreciate her asking, but I have struggled coming up with a list. I need to name 7 weird or strange things about myself.

I have been thinking about this for over a week. I even polled my boys. Their responses mainly focused on body noises.

1. My extreme interest in the weather. I have been a weather geek for at least 34 years. Nothing can illustrate why this is number one on my list better than this link. Numbers two through seven could easily be "weather" too. When bad weather threatens, you'll just have to excuse me. It is almost an obsession to learn about, observe, study, predict, and review. The number one topic of discussion in the world is weather. But, if you ask me 'how's the weather', look out! You better really want the answer!

2. My tendency to never give up is legendary. This can be good or bad. Do not tell me something cannot be done. I will die trying to prove you wrong if it is something or someone I believe in. I have been burned by this one: giving people second, third, and more chances to do the right thing. I have been severely used and abused by this on more than one occasion. Faithfulness is good, if it doesn't turn into foolishness. You know the song, "Head Over Heels" by Tears for Fears? It is a good soundtrack to #1 and #2 for me!

3. I am known as a "founding father". I was even called a "legend" when I told a college student at a campus ministry reunion my name. Actually I was just a regular guy placed by God in a really cool place at a really cool time. The Bible refers to believers as a "peculiar" people. I am a believer, and as a result, certain aspects of my life have certainly been unconventional. I do not feel compelled to follow the crowd. The journey of a person who tries to live by faith in Christ is hardly "normal".

My best memories of this aspect of my life were my college days. I was a new Christian and very hungry for learning, growing, and being discipled in the faith. Through a cool series of friendships I was introduced to a man with a vision, Al Baker. His vision was to claim the University of Alabama campus for Christ. Talk about ambitious! His first meeting as the new pastor of the Chi Alpha campus ministry was a radical call to discipleship. A nice sized group of well-churched college students attended. Then there were these other two guys named Greg and Mike who were new to this whole thing. Al told us, from scripture, that everything about us belonged to God. Time, money, you name it. He told us that God sent us to the University of Alabama for greater things than getting an education. He said God placed us there to be witnesses, make disciples, worship Him, and to fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. I knew that he was right.

Greg and I survived this "call". Evidently this was not the type of fellowship the others wanted. I could write about this forever, but God did some amazing things in our midst. But first we had our second meeting. Al, his wife Heather, Greg, and I were the only four in attendance. We packed it up and headed to Shoneys. It was the beginning of a lasting spiritual journey for numerous students from all over the world. I am proud to be known as a "founding father" of an awesome group of people. Only Heaven will reveal some of the amazing things God did in our midst. There are many people I loved dearly from this group that I haven't seen since college days. My friends have taken many different roads. I have friends who have struggled severely with sins that have taken a toll. I have other friends who have served God mightily in the ministry. I have other friends that are serving God powerfully through their families, churches, and workplaces. I love them all.


I think I took so long starting this because I knew how much I would get into detail.

Is that number 4? Probably!

4. I asked Joe and Matt, who happen to be sitting with me now for some help. They are playing Xbox while I update this blog. David is still sleeping. Anyway, Joe said that I like sports so much makes me a little on the weird side. Actually, I really do like some sports, but Matt pointed out that he and his brothers know more about some sports, like the NFL, more than I do. I tend to focus intensely on the ones that I like the most and not pay much attention to the others.

5. I am a fairly intelligent guy but my kids know way more than I when it comes to some things, such as animals. I just asked them for a few tidbits of animal knowledge. They could go on all day on that subject...
Koalas are picky eaters and only eat gum tree leaves
Possums have pouches like kangaroos
African elephants have bigger ears than Asian elephants
Crocodiles have 30 eggs per year but only one out of six live
Raccoons like to eat dog food
Joe's dog Lou likes to eat Ol' Roy dog food
Joe' dog is part basset hound and part beagle
Lou ate an aluminum cola can and survived without any signs of problems
Asian elephants help their owners drag logs and do other work

6. Matt said that I call people weird nicknames. Matt has been called "Ryno", I have called David "Gooseneck" when he was a toddler. I called them all "Boog" (the short version of booger), with the short 'u' sound. Matt said now we are getting into the personal stuff. I have plenty of other examples, especially when they were younger.

7. Matt had a great idea, I think! He said that you, the reader, can vote for number seven by making a comment!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Mobile phone tracker...

This is kinda scary, it found me!

This is interesting... Just click on the link, enter someone's cell phone number, and the satellite map will show you where they are. It's called 'mobile phone tracker' and was first put to use to aid 911 responders. Using a satellite map track any connected mobile phone with coverage anywhere in the world.

To give it a try log on to

PS: Works on your home phone also. Tracks right to your address and shows which end of house you are closest to. House phone must be off hook for this to work. Cell phone just needs to be turned on for it to find its location.