Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Government run health care?

No one is arguing whether people should have health care needs met. Why bother debating whether it is a right? No decent person wants to see people who are sick be ignored and left to die or suffer.

The real issue is which institution will do the best job of delivering those services. Another factor (way too many people now disregard) is what does the Constitution say. Even if we throw the Constitution away (I know---I'm supposed to read between the lines so I can find justification for anything) we still have the question about which institution would do the best job of providing health care services.

Serious problems do indeed exist in all systems. We live in a fallen and imperfect world. My lack of confidence in government's ability to solve these problems is not just based on my experience in Alabama. For every one example of a successful government run program I could give a dozen examples of failures. I have to get ready for work soon, though, and I cannot afford to take a day of leave to start making that list here.

We are giving in to the ideas and principals that we as a country have sacrificed, bled, and died fighting against. America is giving up more personal freedom and personal responsibility every day in exchange for a promise by the government to solve a problem. Oh, and it's not just the Democrats. GW Bush was the one of the worst we ever had to do that. We already have a quasi-government run system. The government part is the least effective part too.

Here's a question: Which large country, similar in size and scope to the US, has a government-run health care system that you all think is better than our current system? Here is another question: What services do you all believe that the government currently does a very good and efficient job providing? It wouldn't take me very long to answer those questions.

Why do people put so much faith, hope, and confidence in an institution with such a poor track record as the government. Last I checked, the approval rating for Congress is in the 20's and the President's isn't much higher. Yet we want them to govern every aspect of our health care?

According to our Founders, our number one "right" is the right to life. The government's job is to protect it. I will give the government of the United States an "F" in protecting the right to life until abortion is at least against the law. We are killing babies hand over fist. Until the government can figure out a way to make that stop, or at least go way down, I have no confidence in the government providing me health care.