Thursday, March 05, 2009

America's Challenge

Here is my hypothesis on the economy. Using the market as a measure of our economy, I submit that one of the biggest problems is a crisis of confidence. Those with the ability to invest capital drive this economy one direction or another. At this time those people are afraid, and rightfully so. Their president has done nothing but show pessimism since he has been in office. He used (some would say ginned up) the crisis to promote enormous wasteful spending. People with money to invest saw the danger in that, especially in an already tenuous situation. The reports of massive pork barrel spending only added to the suspicions of many. People are confused about how the President plans to cut the deficit in half while at the same time increasing spending at the most rapid rate in history. They were already concerned about taxes and this only adds to their concern. Then, of course, there is the inevitable inertia factor.

What we need right now is the President to show true leadership. I suspect that he won’t do this. I wish we had a president who would address the nation something like the following:

While I acknowledge the difficulties we are having as a nation, I want to assure you that the United States will survive, and eventually we will thrive again. Recovery does not begin in Washington D.C. I am calling on all Americans to join me in the following steps to recovery. First, as a nation we need to humble ourselves before God and ask His blessings on this nation, thanking Him for what He has done and for what He will do. Second, I am asking every able-bodied and sound-minded individual to take responsibility for your own destiny and the destiny of your family. Work harder than ever before. Invest more. Be productive. Do not succumb to the pressures to quit or to fail. Have faith in your country and what it stands for.

Here in Washington, I will not propose or sign any bill containing any unnecessary spending. I will also be cutting spending across the board in any federal agency that is not essential to providing for the common defense or able to demonstrate effectiveness in meeting their stated goals. I will also propose tax cuts on any federal tax that hinders economic growth. I am calling corporate America to cut back. I am calling for an end to runaway greed. I will take the lead on this.

Effective immediately, I will be proposing massive cuts for all Federal elected officials, beginning with me. The elimination of perks normally associated with the Congress will be proposed. Again it will start with the Office of the President. Effective immediately I am issuing an executive order to return spending on my staff and operating expenses to the level it was under President Kennedy, adjusted for inflation.

Some of these measures may sound draconian, but I firmly believe that in order to remain the greatest nation in the world, Americans pull together and make sacrifices. Remember our history. Americans faced tremendous odds in preserving our freedom and prosperity on many occasions. Our mothers and fathers fought, bled, died, and sacrificed. I refuse to let them down. America, we refuse to let them down. Let’s get to work. God bless America.